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Ice Cream

The food of each country is part of that country’s individualities and is known as one of the factors introducing its culture. Some of them are so interesting and noticeable that can even be considered as one of the attractions in the world today. The Iranian food culture has a great diversity, and at every point a new taste can be discovered and enjoyed.
Iranians have a friendly culture and use every opportunity to get together . Their reunions always come with lots of sweets.
These tastes are a different experience that few people pay attention to.
Today,Donkey Energy Station takes pride in exposing a small part of Iranian dessert taste in Persian Saffron ice cream & Faloode -two of popular Persian icy desserts which burst with saffron ,rose water and frozen vermicelli. For further information,you can read more about them on next pages.

Saffron , Pistachio , Ice Cream

Rose water , lime juice , sugar , Cherry syrup , mint , rice vermicelli