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Calling all dairy lovers,our homemade yogurt is here!
Cool, creamy and rich, yet reasonably low in fat, calories and sugar, and high in nutrition, the yogurt you buy from Donkey Energy Station tastes the best, costs less, and most important of all — we control the ingredients. There’s no need to worry about anonymous artificial ingredients, unknown preservatives, mysterious coloring agents.
We only use fresh milk and some plain yogurt without any additives to prepare our daily yogurt.
Because yogurt is a milk product,it contains many of the same beneficial nutrients as milk: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin A. Furthermore, free additives homemade yogurt is a nutrient-dense food that is rich in high-quality protein, beneficial probiotics and cancer-fighting acid. What’s more? consuming yogurt regularly can:
. Increase the digestive health
.Enhance the immunity
.Improve our sleep.

Original taste yogurt

Yogurt, yum!! However how does everyone feel about plain yogurt?? Bitter, weird after taste? yaaa ,We feel you so that’s why we are going to offer you our homemade original taste yogurt.
This yogurt is fabulous and it doesn’t need a bunch of added sugar like the fruity flavors along the shelves at the store.
We prepare this yogurt with only 3 simple and natural ingredients which really makes it taste extra delicious.
In Donkey Energy Station,It’s easy to transform plain yogurt to match your tastes, and help you keep your sugars down.
Take a look at our yogurt list to decide which one do you want to try!!

Yogurt With Cucumber

Fresh and flavorful, this Cucumber yogurt recipe is so good that you’ll want to drizzle it on everything (or eat it up with a spoon). This combo weighs almost 180g & made of diced cucumber and our fresh plain yogurt. Cucumber yogurt can be served alongside strong flavored food. Heavily spiced food, hot spicy food, and rich food. The yogurt and cucumber pairing is soothing and cool, so it will bring a freshness to the palette, breaking up all the rich food. Cucumber yogurt is also a great dip for potato chips.

Yogurt With Walnut

Donkey Energy Station offers you a creamy Persian yogurt sprinkled with crispy walnuts. It is all a no-bake little treat suitable for every time of the day, as a delicious breakfast, snack or light dessert or simply as the perfect way to finish off that hearty meal! Simplicity is perfection? This 180g bowl of goodness is so simple but incredibly nutritious, as it combines super healthy ingredients: Fresh plain yogurt and walnuts which are rich in proteins, healthy omega-3 fats, vitamins, lactobacteria and many other nutrients.

Yogurt With Cashew

If you are having a sweet tooth but looking for something more nutritious than your usual desserts,try Donkey Energy Station’s Cashew Yogurt . This no bake dessert will amaze you. cashew yogurt is a delicious alternative that is probiotic, and full of healthy fats and protein. It will leave you feeling satisfied, whether you have it with fresh fruit or granola for breakfast. This 180g bowl contains plain yogurt topping with minced cashews.

Yogurt With Raisin

Oh the humble raisin! Raisins are seeing a renaissance lately, with heirloom grapes dried in the sun showing us that the raisin can reach past preschool snack time and into the realm of gourmet foods. Despite their small size, raisins are packed with energy and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Raisins are naturally sweet and high in sugar and calories, but they’re beneficial to our health when eaten in moderation. In fact, raisins can aid digestion, boost iron levels, and keep your bones strong. Do you like raisins and their winey, sun-dried sweetness? If so, here is a way to appreciate them . Donkey Energy Station, in considering the health benefits of raisins & yogurt,is offering you a 180g bowl of fresh homemade yogurt topping with raisins. The natural sweetness of raisins infused in plain yogurt makes a savory snack. So the next time you’re craving candy or sweets, consider munching on some raisins in yogurt to satisfy your yearning?

Yogurt With Apricot

Wait till you taste this… Find the perfect balance of delicious flavor and creamy texture when you sip apricot yogurt . This 180gram bowl contains a rich and creamy plain yogurt to your favorite recipes for a yummy boost of protein. For those crave desserts , get inspired with dried apricots for your sweet and savory indulgences. So go ahead & perk yourself up with this chewy apricot yogurt.

Yogurt With Apple

Apple Yogurt is an absolute bliss to taste buds. This kid friendly fresh fruit yogurt is a simple blend of apple and yogurt, and noticeable flavor of apple compliments the overall sweet taste. .This yogurt bowl weighs almost 180g . .Apples are diced & placed on top of yogurt. . The yogurt is served with original taste and it’s homemade.

Yogurt With Guava

If you are picky in your dairy products and desire a dessert without sugar additives, take a spoonful of this Guava Yogurt. This Yogurt topped with Guava. Its sweetness comes from Guava fruit. Beside Yogurt’s health benefits , Guava is a natural laxative as it is high in fibre and can help you if you're having digestive problems like constipation.

Yogurt With Corn Chip

Yogurt With Cookies

Yogurt With Jam